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Selected works from the Mundata Sonata, Container Series and More 2011

Mundata Sondata Series - 2011

sonata_mundata_9 michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_3 michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_6
Mundata Sonata 9 Mundata Sonata 3       Mundata Sonata 6
michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_7 michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_39_1 michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_4
Mundata Sonata 7 Mundata Sonata 39 Mundata Sonata 4
Mundata Sonata 8    

Container Series - 2011

Michael St Amand Bamkers Buy Buddha Michael St Amand Bankers Buy Buddha michael_st_amand_romeo_julieta_container_2
Bankers Buy Buddha Bankers Buy Buddha (side) Romeo & Julieta
michael_st_amand_vile_evil_live_container_1 michael_st_amand_bang_bang_pop_container1 michael_st_amand_buy_now_container_3
Vile Evil Live bang bang POP Buy Now

Oil Cans 2011 -

michael_stamand_its_all_about_the_oil michael_stamand_its_all_about_the_oil (5)  
It's All About The Oil It's All About The Oil #2  
Other Work 2011 -
maike_blue Michael St Amand One Nation Under Corporations  
Die Teutonische Zauberin One Nation Under Corporations


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