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Paintings 2009 | Michael St Amand

enchantingly_enigmatic a_night_to_remember advantages
Enchantingly Enigmatic         A Night to Remember Advantages
Buddha_in_a_box_Blue_black buddha_in_a_box_fire_bb concealing_vulnerability
Buddha In A Box | Blue Buddha In A Box | Fire Concealing Vulnerability
hell hell it_s_tinkerbelle almost_emo time_for_a_cure
Hell Hell It's Tinkerbelle Almost Emo Time For A Cure      
decadent_marilyn marilyns_muse marilyn_by_any_other_name
Decadent Marilyn Marilyn's Muse Marilyn By Any Other Name
parisian_platitudes vanite Michael St. Amand | Deutche Glamour
Parisian Platitudes         Vanite Deutscher Glamour
Michael St. Amand | Maybelline Michael St. Amand | Versace Michael St. Amand | Armani
Maybelline Versace Armani
Meditative Mediations | Michael St Amand    
Meditative Mediations    


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