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Mundata Sonata Series 2011 - 2012

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Mundata Sonata 24    

Mundata Sonata Series:

The Mundata Sonata series, originated from my thinking and studying of society today as a whole. Mundata ( Mundatus - Latin for cleansing/clean- eccl. -ceremonially/ spiritually) and Sonata (a composition for one or two instruments, typically in three or four movements in contrasted forms and keys. Each element or recurring theme of the work is linked inextricably to today's global environment, whether money, time, death,  globalization, porn, sex, climate change; rockets which can be related to space exploration, surveillance or war; numbers which can be construed by some as a countdown or cadence.

Man is the ever present conductor of all that  pertains to us globally and the state of our mindsets as to how life occurs separately yet collectively through our perceptions on a daily basis. The color sometimes supersedes the elements, sometimes hidden or hitting the viewer squarely in the face. Bold broad strokes and explosions or contained in the math in geometry in the world around us. Arbitrary at times, spontaneous or held in logical thought. The cacophony of life, which builds to a crescendo then fades to nothingness.  Is there a true recapitulation or is it a hollow empty skin bag? While we remain in development on this plane of existence or that the symphony around us, is not chance or of our making but is only destiny fulfilling or self prophecy?



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