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Michael St. Amand Scribble Series Interactive Installation.
From Michael St. Amand's Solo Exhibition Human Condition: Myths and Mayhem at the Georgian National Museum's, Tbilisi History Museum - Tbilisi Georgia 2013

The Scribble Series...An experimental series which is comprised of 81 separate 11 x 14 panels done in sets of three per day 2010... Everything is arbitrary

The Scribble Series - 2010

An experimental series which is comprised of 81 separate 11 x 14 panels done in sets of three. Everything is arbitrary - Time, space, emotion of the particular segmentation of the atmosphere the day they came into existence.

The Interactive piece allows the viewer to participate by moving the pieces into their own creation all as part of the human condition thus removing the sanctity of untouchable art to a true interactive life experience.

Mixed Media On Canvas
81 - 11" x 14" Panels
Georgian National Museum's - Tbilisi History Museum
Dimensions 294" x 42" | 622.3 x 106.6 cm
Dimensions variable - 2010

michaelstamnd_scribble_series michaelstamnd_scribble_series_detail_1 (1) michaelstamnd_scribble_series_detail_1 (2)
Scribble Series Installed Scribble Series Installation Detail 1 Scribble Series Installation Detail 2
michaelstamnd_scribble_series_detail_1 (3) Scribble_series_michaelstamand_2012 (1) Scribble_series_michaelstamand_2012 (2)
Scribble Series Installation Detail 3 Scribble Series Detail 1 Scribble Series Detail 2
Scribble_series_michaelstamand_2012 (3) Scribble_series_michaelstamand_2012 (4) Scribble_series_michaelstamand_2012 (5)
Scribble Series Detail 3 Scribble Series Detail 4 Scribble Series Detail 5
Embassy of the United States Georgia, 2013 Embassy Events:
U.S. Artist Donates Art to Children’s Republican Hospital (July 18th);


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