U.S. Artist Donates Art to Children’s Republican Hospital


By US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia ·

A visiting American artist, Michael St. Amand (www.michaelstamand.com), donated one of his paintings to the Hematology-Oncology Center at the Children’s Republican Hospital in Tbilisi. The painting is actually an interactive installation, which allows children to change and reinvent it by moving the pieces into their own creation. Children were involved in the whole process and helped to install the artwork. While watching them play with the paintings Michael said: “do you see the kids smiling? That’s all I care about”

Mr. St. Amand will return to Georgia in September to participate in the U. S. Embassy-sponsored international art exhibition “Punctum Contra Punctum” at the National Gallery. Watch for more information in August on the U.S. Embassy website and Facebook.