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Michael St Amand - Selected Paintings 2012

__shato_mere_michaelstamand_2012 __shato_mere_2_20_1_2 _michael_st_amand_121212_2012
Chateau Mere - (Georgia) Chateau Mere 2 - (Georgia) 121212
_replicant_michael_st_amand_2012 michael_st_amand_mundata_sonata_14_2012 Mundata Sonata 24 Michael St Amand
Replicant Mundata Sonata 14 Mundata Sonata 24
Michael St Amand - Worth The Wait 2012 Billionares and Bombs Michael St Amand Precarious Package Mixed Media on Stainless Steel Michael St. Amand 2012
Worth The Wait Billionaires and Bombs

Precarious Package

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